How it works

Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus are filled with around 300 litres of water which can be heated to a comfortable 25 to 40 degrees celsius. Two water jets run in even movements against the underside of a natural rubber bed. The pressure strength, the massage areas and massage times can be controlled individually for every application. The systems are operated via a control panel with a soft-touch keyboard. Self-explanatory pictograms make operation extremely simple and straight forward.

With Wellsystem Medical, the jets move in a mirrored arc from head to foot or in an individually set massage area (mirror image massage). The pulse massage can be activated on both devices. In addition, Wellsystem Medical_Plus also offers parallel, circular and parallel stroke massage options. Furthermore, Wellsystem Medical_Plus can flexibly adjust the massages to a patient’s body length and regulate the speed.

Massage programmes are available on chip cards for both systems. Wellsystem Medical_Plus additionally offers a selection of 6 perfectly balanced programmes which are already integrated into the unit.

Freely programmable chip cards are also available, enabling you to store customized combinations of massage times, pressure strengths and massage types for both devices. Wellsystem Medical_Plus also provides you with the ability to move the massage nozzles to precisely defined positions and save these positions to a chip card as a programme.

Massage Types

1 Parallel massage
2 Mirror image massage
3 Circular massage
4 Parallel stroke massage
5 Pulse massage
6 Programme selection

Massage Areas

7 Whole body
8 Back
9 Shoulder area
10 Lumbar region
11 Legs
12 Section massage
13 Point massage