Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus combine the gentle power of water with beneficial warmth to create unique treatment opportunities with a wide range of positive effects:

○ Pain relief
○ Decrease in muscle tensions
○ Correcting muscular imbalances
○ Optimizing muscle tone
○ Improvement of local blood circulation and metabolism
○ Venous and lymphatic unblocking
○ Loosening of the subcutaneous tissue
○ Positive influence on the vegetative nervous system with favourable effects on the internal organs

There is a broad range of possible indications for the application

○ Back pain
○ Muscle tension
○ Muscular imbalances
○ Stress-related muscular tension
○ Cervical migraines
○ Fibromyalgia (mild form)
○ Excessive muscular fatigue
○ Reversible functional disturbances in the spinal column
○ Cervical and thoracic spinal conditions, sciatica

The following massage programmes are available for treating the most important muscle groups

○ Programme 1 OB 1 – EX 4
○ Programme 2 OB 1 – OB 4
○ Programme 3 OB 1 – OB 2
○ Programme 4 OB 3 – OB 4
○ Programme 5 EX 1 – EX 4
○ Programme 6 EX 1 – EX 3

OB1: Shoulder / neck area: M. trapezius, M. levator scapulae
OB2: Thoracis spine parietal vertex: Mm. rhomboidei, M. serratus post. sup.
OB3: Upper lumbar spine to L3: M. iliocostalis lumborum
OB4/EX1: Ileo sacral area
EX2: Buttocks: M. piriformus, Glutealmuskulatur
EX3: Thigh dorsal area: M. biceps femoris, M. rectus femoris
EX4: Calf muscles: M. gastrocnemius, M. soleus

How It Works

The pressure strength, the massage areas and massage times of Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus beds can be controlled individually for every application.

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