Dry Water Massage Beds

Wellsystem has been successfully introducing dry water massage systems since 1992, starting with the well-known Hydrojet. In addition to its successor, the technically enhanced Wellsystem Medical, a newly developed, top-class hydromassage bed, Wellsystem Medical_Plus is now available. Both systems combine the power of water jet massage with beneficial and relaxing warmth. Water heated to 25 to 40 degrees is sprayed with a pressure of 0.5-4 bar against the under side of a natural rubber bed in even movements.

Wellsystem Medical_Plus has not only been given a new design, even more importantly, it offers a range of new features
such as different types of massages, various speed and pressure levels which can all be tailored to a patient’s needs. In addition six therapeutic massage programs are available which are perfectly balanced and developed by medical experts, as well as various sizes for different body lengths. All functions are integrated into the easy-to-use control panel.

Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus can be used for numerous indications as the treatment delivers deep muscular relaxation, increases the blood circulation and metabolic performance and thus makes an optimal contribution to pain alleviation.

Both Systems are approved by the Medical Devices Directive (MDD), class IIa, and offer, in addition to their outstanding
therapeutic characteristics, major financial benefits too.

Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus are distinguished by their high level of operating and user comfort while requiring a minimum of space and no additional personnel. The patient also remains clothed during the whole application. All Wellsystem products provide a very good opportunity for securing patient loyalty while maximizing your range of services with minimum effort, for patients and staff alike.

Wellsystem Medical

For Therapy and Prevention
  • ● Control panel with soft-touch keyboard
    ● Display for elapsed massage time
    ● Display for pressure setting
    ● Headrest
  • ● Selectable massage types:
          ○ Mirror image massage
          ○ Impulse massage
  • ● Selectable massage areas:
          ○Whole body, back, shoulders, lumbar region, legs
          ○ Section massage, freely selectable area
          ○ Point massage, freely selectable area
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