Wellsystem Aqua Massage Therapy

Step into Grand Senses and experience a new sensation in relaxation. The heated Wellsystem Aqua Massage Therapy bed will gently ease away your aches and pains in a private room complete with dimmed light and soothing music. Let the soothing jets work around the contours of your body to relieve tired and stressed muscles for a truly relaxing massage. You control the program and the water pressure as you lay on the bed fully clothed – just relax and let Wellsystem do the rest.

Our Wellsystem Medical bed is filled with around 300 litres of water
The water can be heated to a comfortable 25-40 degrees celsius.
Two water jets run in even movements against the underside of a natural rubber bed.
Pressure strength, the massage areas and massage times can be controlled individually for every application.

Aqua Therapy Massage Beds

Back and joint pains, muscle tension, muscular imbalances, stress-related muscular tension, cervical migraines. These are frequently occurring and often chronic complaints. The unique “dry water massage” therapy concept is the optimal solution for prevention and therapy. Our Wellsystem Medical Aqua Therapy Massage bed combines the gentle power of water with beneficial warmth to create a unique therapy concept with a diverse range of positive effects.

1 session of 15 minutes $15
1 session of 30 minutes $30
Series of (10) 15 minute sessions $135

Wellsystem Medical Dry Water Massage Bed

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Do you own a spa, health care facility, hotel, or fitness club? Interested in a profitable investment with quick returns? Wellsystem Dry Water Massage beds are now available in Canada!